Justice League (2017) Review

One of the most highly anticipated films of the year has finally arrived and if you don’t have anything better to do this Thanksgiving, and if you have to go to the movies, maybe you can possibly consider going to see Justice League. With the countless juicy rumors, pricey re-shoots, and Henry Cavill’s mustache halting production, the news surrounding this film was more enjoyable than the actual movie. On a scale of Suicide Squad to Wonder Woman, this film sits right above Batman V Superman but significantly below WW.

Rating: 5.8/10

Important Cast:

Director = Zack Snyder

Ben Affleck = Batman/Bruce Wayne

Gal Gadot = Wonder Woman/Diana Prince

Jason Momoa = Aquaman/Arthur Curry

Ezra Miller = The Flash/Barry Allen

Ray Fisher = Cyborg/Victor Stone

Henry Cavill = Superman/Clark Kent


Thousands of years ago, there was an alien invasion lead by an intergalactic alien/person/monster named Steppenwolf. He came to Earth with an army of flying alien monsters and 3 boxes (Mother Boxes) that contain unlimited power. Steppenwolf wanted to fuse the 3 boxes together unleashing the power and converging Earth into his home world, thus destroying all live on Earth.

In that time, the Amazons (Wonder Woman’s ancestors), Atlantians (Aquaman’s ancestors) and humans united together to stop Steppenwolf. After defeating Steppenwolf, the Atlantians, Amazons, and humans each took one box and hid it in the event Steppenwolf returned.

After Superman died in Batman V Superman, the mother boxes called out to Steppenwolf. He has come back to Earth to reclaim the boxes. Now Batman and Wonder Woman must unite some other heroes to stop him.

JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer 1 (screen grab) CR: Warner Bros. Pictures



  1. Wonder Woman, The Flash, & Aquaman

These three are the only interesting parts of Justice League and they carry this film. Ezra Miller adds a funny and light take on The Flash. Jason Mamoa is a mysterious muscle head who loves Whisky. Wonder Woman is a gorgeous and fierce warrior who seems to be the most human one in the group. They were very fun to watch and I am excited that all three of them will be getting their own film.


The Flash had a ton of jokes and a couple of them made me laugh, but most of them fell flat for me. However, I still like what Warner Bros. is doing to this character and I can’t wait to see more of Ezra Miller as The Flash. I believe that his addition will add more lightheartedness to a dark and gloomy DC universe.




  1. Steppenwolf

Firstly, he looks and acts like he escaped a video game from 2005. Most of the CGI was very distracting and with the large budget this movie had, I was shocked the CGI was this poor. They must have spent their whole budget for the cast and erasing Henry Cavill’s mustache…


This character didn’t have any of the qualities that make up a great villain. He was forgettable, laughable, and boring.

2. Superman

This will come at no surprise that Superman doesn’t stay dead. He comes back to life in this film. How he comes back is cool and it was one of the only good scenes that worked for me. However, his relationship with Louis Lane and Martha Kent is so incredibly boring. It’s supposed to be very emotional, but I didn’t feel any connection to it.


3. Corny Cornball Dialog

I wouldn’t be surprised if Zack Snyder took his dialog directly from comic books. That is good news for the comic book lovers, but to everyone else who doesn’t read comic books, it’s incredibly cheesy. There is no depth with these characters.

There were two memorable interactions between characters and it wasn’t enough for me to be satisfied. I’m not saying that I could have done a better job because I have never written a script…actually I think I still could have done a better job.



Do not rush to go and see this movie. There are moments that are enjoyable, however I would definitely not recommend spending $14 to see this in theaters. This is a redbox or streaming service movie at best.


Justice League

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