Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Review

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2016) was an over-the-top, jam packed action spoof of James Bond that no one thought that we needed. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) takes everything we got in the first film and brings it to the next level.  I primarily enjoyed this film, however there were many things wrong with it. If you liked the first film, I cannot guarantee you will like this one, but it’s worth a shot if you’re a fan.

Rating: 5.2/10


Important Cast:

Taron Egerton = Eggsy

Colin Firth = Harry Hart

Mark Strong = Merlin

Julianne Moore = Popppy

Pedro Pascal = Whiskey


  1. Taron Egerton

I had many doubts about Taron, like if he was able to carry this movie without the direct support from Harry Hart. I believe that’s why the advertisements showed Channing Tatum so much even though his role is minor in the film. However, Taron delivered and proved that he can be a dependable and charismatic lead actor.

2. Characters

Compelling characters are essentially what make up a great film. The first film had some fantastic characters and an arsenal of talented actors to portray them (i.e. Samuel L. Jackson, Sir Michael Caine, Sofia Boutella). The characters in this film are just as over-the-top as the first film and they are delightfully interesting.



  1. Plot Holes

Do not enter this movie with high expectations for a complete and full proof narrative. From robotic attack dogs, to Sir Elton John karate kicking evil henchmen, this movie is wild. The Kingsman/Statesman even figured out how to save a person who was shot in the head. Could this movie be any more unrealistic?

Even though the exaggerated plot is what makes these two films so entertaining, unlike the first film, this one fails to fill in the gaps. Why did Merlin not wait for someone to help him? How did the U.S. Government get everyone in those steel cages so quickly? Why was everyone just willing to go into those steel cages?

2. Vagina Scene

This is the most unnecessary movie scene of all time. When Eggsy enters the tent at the music festival, leave for a bathroom break or to get popcorn, or both. It was a short scene, but so unnecessarily crude and tasteless. Jeff Bridges perfectly captures my reaction to that scene.



Despite many things wrong with this film, I enjoyed my viewing experience. This movie franchise is not for everyone, so if you chose to see it, expect it to be cartoonish, exaggerated, and foolish. I give it a 5.2/10 and I cannot guarantee you will be satisfied with your viewing. Viewer discretion is advised.


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Alex Torres

Civil Engineer by critic by night. I am a 24 year old graduate from PSU with a passion and love for film. I currently reside in Washington D.C.

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